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Education + Empowerment = Action

  • Flexible, affordable, essential estate planning.

  • Demystification of the legal system.

  • Empowerment to feel confident in your choices.​

  • Mobile and virtual law office to maximize everyone's time.

  • Estate administration.

ReaLife Planning
(aka Estate Planning)

As an attorney and advocate, I am on a mission to reframe the three core myths about estate planning:

1) "Estate Planning" is not just something rich, sick or elderly people need.

Every adult over the age of 18 needs at least a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Directive.

2) This process can be quick and painless. And affordable.

Unless you have very complex family or business issues the average plan can be done in a week if you are motivated. I offer package deals at reasonable rates.

3)Taking care of your business does not have to be a scary, alienating chore.

I offer a flexible, affordable, estate-planning experience for small groups of 4-6 people in a semi-social environment- see below for more information.

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Peer Supported ReaLife Planning

Confidentiality within a social structure

Welcome to a different way of thinking about estate planning!

Most people have thought about doing RealIfe Planning for years but just not been able to make it happen. My mission is to help people get across the goal line. Just like having a "gym buddy" many folks work better in a team, having a finalization team means accountability to yourself. To this end I have monthly scheduled group sessions to move people along and finish this process.

By working in a small group on a fixed timeline, people are able to accomplish their goals together. Each individual receives completely confidential legal advice and personalized document productions, followed by a small group signing party.

As an added advantage, this process offers a unique opportunity to discuss the relevance of estate planning and to share meaningful insight into the experience of the significant decisions we all need to make for ourselves and our loved ones.


Unbundled legal services

Only pay for the legal help you need!

Sometimes you just need a letter, contract, court filings, or legal form completed. Maybe you just want confirmation that what you have already done is correct, or you need some coaching to prepare for a specific negotiation. I can help you with all of that, without taking the entire matter on for years. 

Rather than engaging an attorney for an entire matter, at high "billable hours," I can help by providing education, structure, and document production. This enables you to solve finite legal issues with my limited assistance. I can prepare you to handle the rest of your legal matter that you feel confident in managing. 

If I really think you need an attorney to represent you for an entire matter, I will help you find a specialist in the area that you need.

Let me help you get your project finished, or at least off the ground in a stable flight pattern.

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