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 A recovering litigator, I have always had a passion for helping people avoid foreseeable conflict. I have managed the affairs, emergencies, and transitions of multiple clients, loved ones, and family members and really understand unexpected change.  My goal is to help others avoid the pitfalls that can mean the difference between chaos and calm. I pride myself on my work ethic, my commitment to challenges and to showing up 100% for my clients. 


No matter what your situation, I can help you feel calmer and gain a sense of ease and security that your business and personal affairs will be handled in the best possible manner. 

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Values and Goals

What, Why and How


My top priority is delivering exceptional client service by being flexible, accommodating and focused on meeting your needs - and your budget.  I do this by offering unbundled services, flat rates, and in some cases, sliding scale services.  ​

Community Connections

I am committed to the communities I serve and am actively involved in pro bono projects ranging from Senior Legal Services, Lane County Senior and Disability services, the Lane County bar association Estate Planning committee, and local LGBTQIA+ organizations.  Some of the projects in which I participate are listed here

Flexible Meeting Options

In-person meetings in an office building are not always practical or possible. I frequently meet with clients in the community, their homes, at their offices or wherever it is most convenient. The majority of  our work can be completed online, over email, by telephone or via video conference.

Mobile, Paperless Law Practice 

I make extensive use of technology, including encrypted and secure cloud storage of documents, virtual meetings, electronic signing (NOT valid for Wills, but works for many other things!) This keeps costs down, meaning competitive pricing. Better yet, minimizing paper is more environmentally friendly. 


Flexible Pricing and Billing

I offer most bundled, basic estate planning services at a flat fee, or on a limited-scope retainer. For more complex projects and unbundled services, I bill by the hour.  I am committed to accessible legal services and will work hard to find a pricing method that works for your objectives and your budget.

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