Estate Planning Services and Fees

The bulk of my work are core estate planning documents needed by every adult:

Technology and a mobile law office allow me to work remotely and efficiently, and to pass savings in over head to the consumer- You!

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Real Life Planning Fees

Pricing* is for:                  Individual  | Couple 
  • Simple Will                        $500  | $1000      
  • Power of Attorney             $300  | $600
  • HIPAA Authorization         $100  | $200
  • Advance Directive             $350  | $700​​
  • Essential Will Package      $1050 | $2100 
     Will, Power of Attorney, HIPPA,
       Advance Directive & organizational binder      
  • Revocable Living Trust    $2000 | $3250
         All of the above plus Joint or Individual Trust and 1 Deed            Additional Deeds $300.00.
*Additional fees apply for "rush" projects, hardcopy drafts, or non-standard circumstances requiring additional work.
If I do not think a project can be done for flat-fee, I estimate a baseline by my hourly rate and do not exceed that without written authorization.
Packages include all final documents and an organizational binder

Unbundled Legal Services

$150-250 per hour for discrete tasks

Unbundled legal services, also known as "limited scope representation" are typically for short term projects: drafting or reviewing documents, legal research, preparing clients to represent themselves, and limited court appearances.

Duration and scope of work as well as fees are clarified before any work is undertaken. 

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