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Estate Planning Services and Fees

The bulk of my work are core estate planning documents needed by every adult:

Technology and a mobile law office allow me to work remotely and efficiently, and to pass savings in over head to the consumer- You!

To learn more about the basics of Estate planning, click here

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Real Life Planning Fees

Pricing* is for:                  Individual  | Couple 
  • "Simple" Will                     $600  | $1050      
  • Power of Attorney             $350  | $650
  • HIPAA Authorization         $150  | $250
  • Advance Directive             $350  | $700​​
  • Essential Will Package      $1200 | $2250 
     Will, Power of Attorney, HIPPA,
       Advance Directive & organizational binder      
  • Revocable Living Trust    $2200 | $3500
         All of the above plus Joint or Individual Trust and 1 Deed            Additional Deeds $300.00.
*Additional fees apply for "rush" projects, hardcopy drafts, or non-standard circumstances requiring additional work.
If I do not think a project can be done for flat-fee, I estimate a baseline by my hourly rate and do not exceed that without written authorization.
Packages include all final documents and an organizational binder

In addition to individualized estate planning, I provide workshops for individuals and groups regarding End of Life decision making

$150-250 per hour for discrete tasks

Previous workshops have included:

  • How to make and use an Advance Directive.

  • What is the difference between an Advance Directive and a POLST? (Physician's Orders for Life Saving Treatment, also called a "DNR") 

  • Gifting for social justice

  • How estate planning helps avoid family conflict and drama.

Please contact me directly for more information and pricing.

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