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Referring clients to other agents allow me to be reimbursed through the transaction. 

In making the referral I also negotiate a lower rate for my clients & encourage interviewing more than one agent so everyone gets the right fit.

This allows you to get the best service without paying extra fees!

Peaceful Home

Real Estate Advocacy

Demystification of home buying and selling

Real Estate Advocate and Coach

There is no cost to you for this service & it does not increase the fee in any way!

 I do not represent clients directly but educate and support through the daunting home buying and selling. 

 Learn about working with the right agent.

Agents vary in ability and experience and finding a good one can be confusing.

I help people all over the country buy and sell property by working closely with them during all phases and by making referrals to other agents.

Clarify and Simplify the process

I can help you understand and navigate the process of purchasing and selling residential properties and also:

  • Identify and analyze current real estate markets;

  • confirm adequate Promotional and Marketing content for print and social media.

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