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Buying help one slice at a time...Unbundled legal services as a solution to high legal fees.

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

What are "unbundled legal services? It’s an option for DIY self represented litigants and anyone else who needs legal help, to pay for limited representation for a portion of their issue. This can produce significant savings for people who can handle much of thier own divorce or probate or real estate transaction, but need some guidance and clarity from a trained attorney. Most importantly, the consumer decides what they want to pay for up front.

This is allowed in Oregon via a rule that allows a lawyer to help you without committing to represent you for the whole case.* It is an excellent alternative to hiring an attorney to handle every aspect of your issue at top rates. Many people are able to attend to a lot of the paperwork and details of their own matters with some guidance and assistance. Rather than paying $15,000 for an entire divorce proceeding, consumers can purchase a la carte legal services like document production, litigation coaching and strategy or direction.

The key is that you and a lawyer agree what parts of a case you will handle and what parts the lawyer will handle. In other words, you limit what the lawyer does. If you just need help drafting a letter or legal documents, having someone argue for you in a court event, or negotiating a settlement,this process can save you a lot of money. 

*Uniform Trial Court Rules 5.170

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