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Oregon Estate Planning in the time of Covid- how to sign?

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Yellow VW beetle in an empty parking lot

Parking Lot Law

Some things still have to be done in person, even during this crisis.

Unlike other states like New York, Oregon did not enact an emergency "remote notary" act and since almost all estate planning documents have to be notarized, the final step - "signing ceremony," must be in person.

Additionally, in Oregon, a Will must be witnessed by 2 adults who must see the signing occur. This can be on either side of a window or a parking lot!

Most of my signings right now happen in a parking lot- I have a small table to set up and witnesses, the client and myself take turns signing and notarizing paperwork while remaining at a safe distance. Done!

Although technology allows a lot of digital problem solving- including signing documents via remote signing (think Doc-U-Sign) and uploading and sharing all sorts of legal documents, for which I have a confidential portal, some things still have to happen in person- thank goodness for parking lots!

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